A Boston Favorite since 1996.

Sharing the exciting flavors of the Mediterranean with the people of Boston.

Kadhim Alzubaidy

Business Owner (Falafel King)

In 1990, Kadhim Alzubaidy stepped set foot in America without a dollar in his pocket and nothing more than an immense feeling of opportunity.

Coming from working in a family business restaurant he immediately set his eyes on working in the restaurant industry. Over the course six years he worked for five different restaurants, learning what people liked and the ins and outs of our culture. Determined to bring something new he began developing his own unique style of taste including his own special falafel recipe.

As the business grew he has remained true to his beliefs that everyone of his customers should be treated like family, that quality reigns supreme, and that every plate should be handmade with love.

Today we’re proud to continue our mission, celebrating real Mediterranean food and building a community filled with inspiration, passion, and meaningful connections.
His story continues everyday with the smiles he puts on everyones faces when they taste his delicious Mediterranean food.

We use only the most authentic flavors
with the freshest ingredients sourced locally.